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Any comments or if you’d like to add something, please comment (: I’ll always to be adding to this page, and don’t be shy to add some feedback to your themes!

****Some themes don’t support subpages; if you want to know how to add subpages to those themes, click here. Scroll down (or ctrl + F) to where it says “Your theme, Spectrum, doesn’t allow sub-pages, but you have them. How do you make sub-pages when a theme doesn’t allow it?” (Thank you FV)


This theme bears a simple look to it. It’s your typical theme with a white solid text background, with all the essentials (like many other themes such as SemPress). The buttons, and the pages at the top are dulled gray, similar to it’s text. Really, this theme is nothing fancy, more like one of the classic themes. It doesn’t lack anything but doesn’t give off much either.

✔ Simple look
✔ Two widget columns; you can use either both, or none for full width
✔ Responsive design (template changes to fit your screen, whether you’re using an iPhone or a computer, etc)
✔ All the essentials: custom header, background, widgets, subpages
✔ Widgets show up on pages too

✘ Can come off as dull and plain


This is a nice theme, for those of you who don’t want a header and pages. Actually, it does have pages but it won’t appear at the top of the page. You’ll have to add the Pages widget.
The pages won’t show up, and the header is extremely small and shoved into a corner.

✔ Double widget columns; one on left and one on right
✔ Custom header, widgets, and background
✔ You can make a fancy background; the posts aren’t transparent
✔ You can change the color of the posts background.
✔ It has a responsive design, meaning that it changes its width etc according to the size of the screen automatically. Ari will look good on iDevices.

✘ Header is awkward
✘ Pages are awkward


This theme has balloons on the upper part of the screen, around and over the header and part of the first post as well.
The header size is customizable, unlike most themes, and the widgets are at the bottom of the page.

✔ Custom header, widgets, background, header size
✔ The post panel isn’t transparent so your background won’t effect your text
✔ The fonts for titles are fancy like handwriting
✔ There’s balloons
✔ Three column widgets

✘ Balloons cover up like 1/3 of the header
✘ Widgets are at the *bottom* of the blog
✘ You can’t crop the background image.

Blissful Blog

This theme (also widely referred to as Blissful) is a “photography theme”. It’s delicate design and “Featured Content” feature is perfect for photographers, who may choose the “full width” template to display their latest work.
I personally love the font and style of this elegant theme; not suggested if your blog is absolutely randomness and strange things.Of course, it has all the essentials too.

✔ Custom header, footer, widgets
✔ Featured Content Slider (for photos – full width)
✔ Elegant design
✔ Solid post panel

✘ The photos in the slider are h u g e
✘ Widgets cannot be seen on the posts page (which in most cases, is the “home” page)


This themes isn’t as floral as it sounds; it’s actually a really nice theme.
In the Theme Options, you can choose between three theme colors: pink, blue, and orange.
The entire blogs as a very  nice design to it as well.

✔ Custom header, background, widgets
✔ Nice floral design and page titles that don’t scream
✔ Solid post + widgets panel
✔ Responsive design
✔ 3 color themes

✘ Only 3 types of colors, you can change the bg and header color but not the post panel color


What bothers me most about this theme is the page titles under the header; giant, capitalized, and bold.
This theme has a lot of formats, but the background must be light or else it’ll effect the text. The background shows right through the post and if you do a crazy rainbow colored animation, no one will be able to read you blog.

coraline theme optionsThe only post that won’t effected by the background are sticky posts.
The background even goes right through your pages of your blog if you use this theme.

✔ Custom header, background, widgets,
✔ Multiple layouts and theme colors
✔ If you have a huge chat box on the widget, Coraline does *not* cut your chatbox off

✘ Background shows through posts and pages
✘ The page titles too bold.


If you click on the name of the theme above and take a look at Crafty’s design, you’ll immediately recognize this theme as one of those with a color theme. Almost all bloggers that use this theme, change their blog’s color to cream or red. It gives off a “crafty” look, almost like a child’s artwork.
The only blogger I’ve seen that tamed this creamy red theme into something blue, something different, is Hazel.

hazel(picture courtesy of Hazel; click on the picture to be directed to her blog)

✔ Custom header, background, widgets
✔ Solid post panel
✔ Very unique

✘ Color themed; almost all Crafty themed blogs are in the same style of cream/red
✘ Transparent widget panel
✘ Hard to tame


This theme can be simple or flashy, depending on how you customize it. The title of pages are case sensitive, meaning the theme won’t make your titles all caps. Even if you remove all the widgets, the Search , Archieves, and Meta widgets are still present, so this theme can’t be full width.

Custom header, background, widgets
✔ Solid post panel
Header text color adjustable
Responsive design
Panel / theme colors comes in white, gray, and black

✘ Widgets are confusing


This is actually a really good theme if you’re not looking for something overly fancy.
The only thing that bothers me is that when you add “Header Text”, it puts a solid colored background behind the text, so the middle part of your header is blocked. This doesn’t matter to me because I just remove the header text, and add it into my header picture before uploading it anyway…
Some (most) themes have the “full width” option in the Theme Options; Quintus doesn’t. Likewise, you can just remove all the widgets and this theme will become full width.

✔ Custom header, background, widgets
✔ Sold post panel
✔ Two color themes
✔ Responsive design

✘ As explained above, the header text


This theme has all the essentials; custom header, background, widget, menus, with pages that support subpages.
It’s a simple theme without any fancy fonts or designs, and gives off a clean look. If you’re looking for a theme that has all the essentials, with a widget on a side and you’re

✔ Custom header, background, widget
✔ Solid post panel

✘ Nothing much. This is a very basic theme

Strange Little Town

Who doesn’t like pink? Strange Little Town screams this popular color.
With the black house designs on the bottom of the theme, this theme is ideal for those pink-crazed bloggers. I personally prefer this theme over many others; it also has all the essentials.
If you upload your own background though, the black house designs will go away.

✔ Custom header, background, widgets, menus
✔ Solid post panel. You can make crazy backgrounds and it won’t effect the theme
✔ Overall, very unique and different from the other themes

✘ Page titles and post titles are in capitals
✘ If you don’t like pink…


The biggest thing about this theme is that it has a place for a featured video (Featured Video Carousel).
It also has all the other essentials (custom header, bg, widgets, pages) and the links + pages are turquoise.

✔ Custom header, background, widgets
✔ Featured video
✔ Responsive design; meaning the size of this theme will change to fit your screen (so it will look good in your iDevice as well)
✔ Solid post panel

✘I don’t really like the font… I think it’s Times New Roman.


This theme is cute and pretty (I almost decided to use it for my blog, before Cstarswirl stopped me d: )
You can change the color of the page titles and post titles on this theme, with a bunch of different post formats.

✔ Custom header, background, widgets, link colors (page titles, post titles, links.)
✔ Solid posting panel
✔ Responsive design
✔ Featured image header (if you set a huge featured image in a post, it will replace the header)

✘ The titles are capitalized (except for post titles)

50 thoughts on “WordPress Themes

      • Yea, the texts are really small… You can use my theme. I”m trying to find a better one.

        Warning: It takes *ages* to get the BG and header right. You can’t crop the background..! Which means it has to be *exactly* the right size… And the header you can crop it into any size, which means if you don’t do it well the balloons will cover up the entire thing…

        But go ahead (: It’s a really nice theme other than those.

  1. On my “Workers” blog,I have the Spectrum theme,and it won’t apply the sub-pages.
    On other blogs,like fantage ones,the have spectrum and they have sub-page….
    Why doesn’t it work on mine?

  2. “✘I don’t really like the font… I think it’s Times New Roman.”

    elissa… that’s georgia
    also every single time u used “effect” it’s supposed to be affect
    80% of all those themes are horrible
    (the only ok ones are Blissful and Coraline)
    //insert more condescending comments

  3. ive done the balloons theme before, but im so dumb that i dont know how to add a header without the “Header” widget thingy on the dashboard
    how do you do it?

  4. iTheme2
    Fits all my needs, BG,Widgets ON SIDE!!!!!,Colours are ->Black,White and grey,simple but not to simple and everything about it

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