sat thoughts

i took my first SAT it was terrible

thoughts from when i was in line to until the end

omg wtf there’s a line

there’s a freAKING LINE OMG

its 7:30 it says test starts at 7:45 wtf

let us in let us in let us in

im freaking cold

8:30 the line’s finally moving

jesus christ could you move any slower

speed up



thank yOU now gtfo of myway

omg room dmu 208

wtf where’s that

oh there it is

why is the bathroom door locked


i guess i’ll go upstairs

jk too much exercise

omg test is starting


blah blah blah

“do not reproduce any of the material” jesus get on with it



hurry up

its 9:30

i woke up at 6:30 for this hurry tf up

omg you just said that

yes we all have our CD players hurry up

cmon cmon.

omg what do you mean someone forgot their cd player

then kick her out ok shes wasting our time

jesus get out


nobody cares about her and im hungry

ok ok we’re startin

haah im so unprepared its not even funny

omg someone’s already turning the page what

jesus slow down will ya its not a race

omg omg ok

so if i have 85 problems and less than an hour thats less than 1 min per problem

thats like about 3/4 of a minute per problem

but i also spent 5 min calculating that

omg ten mins left

ok check my work

“C) Physician” wait wtf is a physician

is it like a doctor

or like scientist

wait no that was physicist nevermind

omg im almost done

its freaking 10:30 im so hungry

yes test over

im out im out im OUT

jesus christ this campus is huge

im lost



daddy im lost omg

i didnt even bring my phone

i’ll have to spend the night here

and survive by eating the rosebush

oh there he is


4 thoughts on “sat thoughts

  1. where i live if you’re going to high school and you want to go the specialized schools yo have to take the shsat which is like the sat but just for 8th graders
    and i took mine but it started at 8:30

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