(bad) study habits!

Math is fantastic ;D I absolutely adore math I mean one presentation dropped my grade by 2% but ❤ 😀 !!!

List of reasons why I’m slightly impaired when I try to study !!!

  • I HAVE to finish math hw before starting on other homework
  • “leaving stuff for the last second” is for losers okay why can’t you just copy from your “friends”
  • Listen to music while you do hw!! It’s good for you!!! So is multitasking and watching youtube and eating!!!!
  • “Read pages _____” or “Study pages ______” = no homework (: (: (:
  • If one presentation drops my grade by 2% and we’re doing 6 of those a year I’m going to fail anyways so what’s the point in trying
  • Spanish and Chinese hw that means google translate right ???


but yeah. I know I complain a lot #noshame so maybe next post and write something positive 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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