overhyped mainstream challenge

I got nominated by my best friend for the ice bucket challenge ❤ She also thoughtfully sent me a generous amount of Asian snacks ##perks of having a friend who lives in Taiwan.

I don’t have a Facebook, so I’m going to post it here for all of you to judge.
I didn’t have a bucket either.
Or any ice.

omgSince I’m poor and I live in a first world country with first world problems, I don’t have ice for my ice bucket challenge.

I just put a ziplock bag of water in the freezer, and kind of just took it out and threw it in the cold water I used.

(yes i waited for the ice to thaw first i don’t want a concussion if that thing hits my head)

omg(i apologize this thing is the closest thing i had to a bucket)

Shout out to my sister for helping me film this awkward challenge.

>>PS I managed to do this challenge without my parents finding out do I get extra points or what.


I’m going to n0minate three animals for the challenge, because why people.

The first animal is Ginger, aka Day‘s dog (because Day’s too scared of ice to do the challenge.)
The second animal is my friend Vivian’s guinea pig (because Viv1an is too scared of buckets to do the challenge)
The last animal I’m nominating is Cstar. (because she’s my favorite breed of stupid people)


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