pessimistic pessimistic friend

I consider myself pretty pessimistic. I always see things in a negative way.

ughBut I happen to have a friend that’s even more pessimistic.

ughHer specialty: ruining my hopes and dreams.

She’ll literally see the negative side of everything, even if there’s no negative side.

me: (right before grad) I think I’ll wear makeup?
her: have fun sweating through it

me: If I see a celebrity, I’ll probably spam my phone with pictures.
her: You’ll look ugly compared to them though

And this concludes my rant on the unnamed friend.

hello “friend” if ur readin this hi


38 thoughts on “pessimistic pessimistic friend

  1. Hi،
    I think your friend isn’t saying those things with the intention of hurting you. It’s just her outlook on life which seems to often stop her from doing things she’ll like.
    Don’t listen to anyone. You’re awesome and do whatever you like, regardless of what others may think.
    Good luck,

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