things that make elissa sad

x people
x lack of food
x essays
x anything vaguely related to seafood

Lately I’ve been spending my days hiding in my shell and wasting my time over pointless youtube.

What were all your intelligent summer activities?

Things that make me happy:

x verde
x tpumps
x starbucks

I really didn’t have the energy or time or common sense to make an actual coherent post.

Another thing I did was download Screencastomatic, and I’ve been making gifs out of my favorite videos >.>

I may have a slight obsession over Jon Cozart…


21 thoughts on “things that make elissa sad

  1. literally help im stalking this person and in my head we have like great convos but when i actually talk to him its like ??? bc neither of us can hold legit conversations and this isnt funny idk why i find this rly funny bye

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