airvents and caution signs (Alaska)

I’m back where there’s wifi ❤

Incase you haven’t noticed, I was gone for like 10 days while cruising in Alaska jk who cares



The cruise I was on had this awesome buffet with like infinite calories<3
But I ended up really seasick so I skipped like 4 meals.
I had nothing to do on the ship, and I found out that swimming actually helped me not feel seasick, so I swam instead of eating.
I actually lost weight on vacation wat.

There was also a “caution, floor slippery” sign near the pool.
and ofcourse, I tripped.

Over the sign.

The entire trip was crazy like there were a bunch of shows and musicals.. and when the female actors stepped onto the stage a group of guys in the back row started cat calling.

cat callingWell, obviously not this kind of cat calling.

helicopterIf you ever do go to Alaska, I recommend the helicopter ride, the dog sledding, and ziplining. They cost $$$$$$$ but it’s worth it.

But if you’re afraid of heights don’t go on the helicopter. But if you’re afraid of heights and you want to go on a dog sled then only way to get to the mountain top is by helicopter.
In other words if you want to sit in a chair pulled by canines at 5 mph in freezing weather you have to ride a helicopter.
So close your eyes if you’re scared of heights.

But it’s like $700 wasted if you close your eyes so

If you ever get the chance. also go to the Vancouver Island (Canadian Pride)and the Butchart Gardens in Victoria.

flowersThey have really pretty flowers and really pretty fireworks ❤
Our ship got delayed on the way to Victoria and literally all the tours got cancelled, except for the tour that we booked.

I was like ASDJDFAODSFJADJFAS YES:happybounce:

firework1 firework2 firework3 firework4

We stood out there watching the fireworks until like 11 PM ❤

We also found this skeleton stuck in an air vent on a bus I don’t even wtf like how



30 thoughts on “airvents and caution signs (Alaska)

  1. Hi!
    Aww, it sounds like you had fun on your trip.
    That cat calling pic had me cracking haha
    Aww, I’m sorry you got sea sick. I’m glad you’re feeling better though ❤
    I've always wanted to go zip lining! Definitely putting Alaska on my places-I-must-go-to list!
    The fireworks look so so so beautiful.
    I hope you enjoyed your trip x
    Good luck,

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