a blind cat did this

#girl problems

nail on left hand: perfect
nail on right hand: looks like a bliND CAT CLAWED ITS WAY THROUGH MY NAILS

Does anyone have any alternatives for nail polish remover?

I was taking pictures with my friend and realized I managed to be looking creepy in just about every photo e.o


no wonder I don’t have any friends ;D



21 thoughts on “a blind cat did this

  1. i can’t smile for a picture, when i do, i look like a pig

    my right hand looks bad too. i wanted to take my nail polish off so yeah i googled stuff. perfume/body spray works, but it takes a while, and it stings (it took like 5 minutes to get off like half of a nail (polishjlol)). you put it on a q-tip/cotton ball and scrub your nail. hair spray works too but don’t let it dry on your hands. spray deodorant works too, i’ve heard. and that toothpaste works too?

  2. s2g she cant find a more creative metaphor lol bye
    also why does everyone read my status like??
    arrogance is attractive when they’re kidding otherwise its like no yOU’RE NOT GOOD AT IT

  3. ew

    I once decided to paint my nails and like spilt the whole thing on my carpet

    and I have like vampire teeth because two of my front teeth like stick out when I smile

    So like I never smile in photos ahA

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