fails of my life (Liebster Award)

20140425-130328First off, click here. By this point I’m pretty sure I’m the last one to do this due to not checking my blog in weeks and not even realizing I got this.

Annnd sorry everyone for not having posted in so long… I swear I was gonna do something.
I just forgot what it was.

And sorry for like the 69 people that nominated me >.< so sorry

@Infinity – haha sorry for not responding ;; I swear I wasn’t planning on ignoring it

@Cat – no you just have dumb typos by the way this is killing me ->>

pls(and before you go “omf it’s please* not plz stfu) (and yes I changed my follow button) (hi if you haven’t followed click the button now)

Now I have realized that 11 facts about myself is a perfect way to reveal ways in which I’m inferior to other perfectly functional human beings. Here we go.

  1. You know those disgusting looking spray/soap you use to wash veggies and dishes? I’ve tasted that before, as in legitly sprayed it in my mouth. (but in my defense it said “citrus flavored” and I was curious)
  2. My life consists of WP, WP, and WP. (WordPress, Wattpad, and WittyProfiles.)
  3. Food makes up about 935% of my life
  4. Wifi makes up the rest of 32.54%
  5. ldsladslajllsjsflkjsskipthisone
  6. This happened when I was around six. I was riding on the kiddie seat on a bike, with my uncle biking. He was biking extremely fast and I wondered what it would feel like if I stuck my foot between the wires in the wheels. Now you go imagine the rest. (it involved a frustrated uncle and a crying Elissa)
  7. I’ve made myself bleed before in woodshop. Not by using fancy machines or dangerous tools, but while using sandpaper.
  8. I’m the clumsiest human on Earth. I can literally stand up and the chair next to me will upend itself.
  9. Once riding on this truck thing, I decided to reach out a grab a branch. The truck was going considerably fast so naturally I got a rip in my hand.
  10. When I’m nervous, I tear and pick at my skin. On the first track meet of the season I was so nervous I damaged the skin on my hand so much that I made my fingers bleed.
  11. I’ve owned my first barbie when I was around five. It was a fairy and one of the things I did to it was tear it’s wings out.

I’m pretty messed up.

11 questions from @sindyblue10

✧What is a word you really like?
I think I’ve mentioned before that I like the word “vicissitude.”

✧What country do you really want to visit and why?
Germany. Just cause.

✧What is your favorite myt-

✧Do you like soft drinks?
I can live without.

✧What is one of your goals?
1000 firsts on transformice. Not mess up my next 4 years.

✧If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Power to refill anything. Empty drink? Refill the cup. Not enough money? Refill bank account. Tired? Refill energy. Annoying idiot won’t stop bothering you? Refill their bladder.

✧What is an interesting fact you really like?
Honey badgers are one of the toughest animals in the world. (yes I watch too much vlogbrothers)

✧What would you do if you see a shooting star?
Make a wish. Cliche, I know, but I would,

✧What is your number one dream?

✧What is your number one fear?
Scotophobia and socializing



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