sleep > life?

I wish I was a bear.

Or a snake.

Seriously, half of the year they get to hibernate through their troubles and worries.

that would be so convenient.

I’ve read there’s something called lucid dreaming where you can control what happens in your dream, but it takes practice.
Once I learn how to do that I’m never, ever, ever waking up again. Ever.

I’ve tried practicing where I stay awake the entire night and stare into the ceiling and try not to move or fall asleep, but it doesn’t work at all. 2 minutes into it and I’m already asleep.

Anyone have tips to lucid dream? Until then… good night.


6 thoughts on “sleep > life?

  1. Well I’ve controlled my dreams before a few times…so I guess I’ve had lucid dreams.
    But you still end up waking up though because you will see your dream slowly fade and you come back to reality.

    you have to like
    think about stuff
    i’m not helping am i
    apparently playing video games helps
    cus it helps you recognize that there are other dimensions???
    i dont think im helping
    but like
    you’ll still have to wake up.

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