punishments ↯

Let’s take a moment and take about punishments, shall we? Remember the good days when…

⇝ age 0~1: you don’t get any punishments.

how come no one ever wonders who played the sun?

You’re like the freaky sun in the teletubbies.


⇝ age 2~3: “why that wasn’t nice, was it?”


⇝ age 4~5: “WHY THAT WASN’T NICE, WAS IT??!”


⇝ age 6~11: *elementary school years*punishment
you sit alone in a corner at school when you get in trouble,
and watch all the kids at recess have fun and their rays of happiness blinding your sight.



⇝ age 12~14.5: *middle school* BAM oh look now every homework is attached to a grade. Mess up on schoolwork and your grade looks bad and your parents look mad. Half of the time your parents tell you that you’re “old and needs to be responsible” and the other half of the time they tell you that you’re still “young and needs to be respectful.

⇝ age 14.5 and up: all your actions count towards life. If you fail you will die a lonely death.
Who thinks this gif I made is annoying? :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “punishments ↯

  1. The brightness. . . so blinding. . .
    My parents are being so annoying. Their are “Be more responsible! Do blah-and-blah SAT sections!”
    Me: *does sections* *gets a couple wrong*
    Them: WHY DID YOU FAIL!?!?!?
    Me: *Gets mad* I’m in sixth grade! I’m not suppose to do SAT sections!
    Them: You’re a student. You’re suppose to learn.

    I mean, I’m fine with “responsiblity” if I get the benefits of it. I mean, if you’re a student, shouldn’t you have the benefit of doubt? ._.

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