“I don’t get it”

After listening to my mom and my sister argue for nearly 10 minutes, I decided to dedicate a post to a serious issue:
(old(er) people not born in america doesn’t get the way we use words and how grammar works)

When my sister got home from school today, my mom did what any typical asian parent would do… “TAKE OUT YOUR HOMEWORK AND FINISH IT!!!!!!”

Then my sister gave the typical response: “I don’t get it….”

For some reason my mom got mad and starting shouting things like “what do you mean you don’t get it?” “AGAIN?!?” “what is wrong with you” “then go get it!!!” etc

and it was so confusing until my mom suddenly went
“Oh. You mean you don’t understand it. I thought it meant you didn’t take your homework home.”

also just being random but on this forum place, there was this poll where you had to choose your favorite bird.
and I’m like why aren’t crows on the poll? And they’re all like… CROWS ARE UGLY NO ONE LIKES CROWS.
I like crows ;;


also i can’t math

idk ok


20 thoughts on ““I don’t get it”

  1. I really can’t math. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing my math homework, so I leave it at school. The teacher never checks if you do your homework anyways, but she assigns these “homechecks” on Wednesdays ._.

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