reasons why i don’t like school.

school started yay who’s excited because guess what I’m nOT EXCITED hahahahahhhahahahaa

I literally spent 90% of my vacation being a useless glob

If you think school’s fun, you’re sick good for you, because I spend half of the day imagining ways I can eradicate the entire area.

Do you like school? I don’t.

  1. you have to actually *try* and show something called “effort”
  2. you have to be around people
  3. you have to meet those people
  4. you have to speak to those people
  5. you have to work with those people
  6. you have to work cooperatively with those people
  7. you also have to work efficiently with those people

can you tell I don’t like school? I. don’t. like. math.

I once had a tutor who talked about “sines” for like the entire lesson; she had this crazy accent so the entire time I thought she said “science” and I was so confused… I was young and dumb.

Wait, I’m still young and dumb.


13 thoughts on “reasons why i don’t like school.

  1. To be honest? I actually find school fun. Yet when it’s the weekends, holidays, or public holidays, I will scream with joy because come on, school is exhausting.
    So I actually enjoy school most of the time because I don’t know (I said enjoy not like! But same thing. But do you get what I mean?).
    But if you want me to sit in S & E and listen to the history talk, most of the time I will be thinking: I am so bored.
    Seriously? I REALLY don’t like history. It bores me to death and no matter how hard I try, I cannot concentrate in it.
    People always asks me for my favourite subject, and all I say is…..I don’t like history.

    Alright I talked too much. Sorry. xP xD

  2. I’m fine with school. It’s teamwork that I hate. Teamwork is not a team working! It’s one person doing all the work while the other person does nothing, but gets 50% of the credit because they slapped their name on the project!!

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