kirkwood = ouch

and my post titles just becomes more and more creative.

much fancy

much fancy

I was at Kirkwood yesterday (this mountain snowy white place thing etc etc) and now my neck feels like it’s about to detach at any moment. :invisible:

That was my first time skiing in years… I used to be really good at it before changing to snowboarding. Now under normal circumstance most people would be good at BOTH skiing and snowboarding if they did both for years, but I’m never normal anyways. I still haven’t learned how to snowboard (well) and forgot how to ski (well).

:faint: And I learned it the hard way after attempting to land my first jump (on skis) and instead flailing like a dismembered octopus and nearly breaking my face.
So instead of standing up and continuing on with life like any normal brave 14 year old would do, I just sat in the middle of the trail and built a snowman.

snowman(the entire thing was only like 6 inches tall)

I actually wasn’t even going to ski that day; I snowboarded in the morning and the skis were for my mom but she got too scared so I was like yes I would like to use your skis thank you bye see you in 2 hours:boogie:

So then I went on the lift for this fairly difficult trail, and although it was four people at a time the family behind me chickened out and I was the only one on that spacious, comfy seat with a great view…

overrated photo… that for some reason froze when I was halfway there for 2.45 years.

and before I leave and not post for another 8323.34 years I just want to say….
appreciate your helmet :saddummy:


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