My name is not Alyshia.

Hey guys c: Long time no see. There’s something called “school” that’s been demanding my unwilling attention :L

If you remember a few months back I spewed about how no one pronounces my name right (x), then this post will be similar.

♘♘♘To totally throw this off track happy year of the horse♞♞♞

Since this post is to complain about the Track unit in P.E, I’m getting back on track (cue laughter).

So today it was hurdle day and freaking RAINING in the morning, and I was *praying* for the sky to not rain. It didn’t and we ended up hurdling in P.E.

I’ve hurdled before and the teacher try to get me to demonstrate… it went something like this:

T: What’s your name?
Me: Elissa
T: Alyshia would you like to demonstrate for us?
Me: Sorry I meant “Elissa” and no…
T: Alisha?
Me: …Elissa
T: A-lee-sa?
Me: ………elissa….
T: class Melissa would like to demonstrate for us
Me: I really don’t and my name’s Elissa.
T: Are you sure Alysia?
Me: Yes I’m sure…
T: Alright Alyssa.

Sometimes I just wish I had chosen an easier name for myself, like Vicky or Jane.


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