calories, sugar and phone calls (asian art as well)

Today I went to this restaurant called Aqui, and last time I went there…
…there were barely any powdered sugar on my pancakes! :steaming:

So to be SURE the employees there know I want *sugar*, I specifically told them extra sugar.

q1Yes, *extra* sugar. “*add*, powdered-sugarextra”.
What? You’re gonna judge me because I like sugar and calories?
What was that? You don’t do this? This is impolite?



:happybounce: They didn’t disappoint.:squee:

q2 q3 q4Yes, I ate it all… Although I can’t say that my mom approved.:woohoo:
Okay, I’m pretty sure she DIDN’T approve. And she looked at me weirdly when I started taking pictures ❤

But while we’re eating, this annoying person was on his phone all the time talking obnoxiously loud… and it makes me wonder. See, when other people are on the phone I’m all like be quiet! :stfu: but when I’m on the phone… I don’t stop. Like literally, I can’t stop for an *extremely* long time. :blahblah:

Maybe it’s due to the fact I can’t socialize person to person. :bump:Apparently I’m super social online… I have weird friends.

And apparently, according to my friend, drawing stuff like this makes me more Asian.Huh?


On that note, lets end this post with a…

~Word of the Day~

(adj) too tired to coherent a thought

Thank you Day for providing us with such a wonderful world :sarcasticclap:

:huggle: And thank you all for putting up with the randomness in this post :boing:


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