wrong ways to eat a lemon

How do you consume your lemon?

Do you do what regular natural human beings do? Squeeze the juice over your other foods?
That way has never been appealing to me. Everything just drips and splatters all over my cuts and bruises and into my eye. I’m very coordinated, alright?

See I grew up in a normal family (ish) and I don’t do things the regular way.
I’ve had strange thought where I contemplate about eating a hot dog with a banana inside.

Well, this is how I’m supposed to eat my lemon, although I wouldn’t necessarily call it “eating” the lemon since you just drink the water surrounding the lemon. But I’m going to say “eat” anyways, or it would defeat the purpose of my title.

Lemon WaterProbably the only way for a human to taste the lemon and only the lemon, since the water has no taste.

But I am not a normal human. To me, citrus is citrus.

I eat lemon the way I eat oranges. Yes, I eat all the insides slice by slice…


reason #343812498 why I’m a strange child


28 thoughts on “wrong ways to eat a lemon

  1. I eat it that way too! It’s not even sour. The other way? Well let’s just say I put a butt-load of sugar on the lemon…

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