I can’t sleep!


And today, it’s Saturday, we gon party all night, one that-
-wait that’s Rebecca Blacks new song. Can’t wait for her next song, Sunday, and her album, Days of the Week.

But seriously, now that I’m all excited, I can’t sleep. Whenever I try, I’m all excited.

And THEN it gets dark and scary, and my mind goes


Strange fact: as I’m typing this with one hand, I’m covering the GIF above with another hand because it legitimately scares me. Just looking at it long enough gives me the chills.

My schedule for the last day of school was like:

And, well, me being Elissa, I probably failed that math test. I don’t think I was very focused.



51 thoughts on “I can’t sleep!

  1. Then dream of like Unicorns, shoes, rainbows, and such c:
    But that gif is creepy. Why you have to post that? Lol :3
    but really, it’s creepy

  2. OMG, before I read that that picture was supposed to be a gif, I looked at it and I thought I saw something black move behind one of the trees. I was like, WHAT THE? Did that just move?
    But then I thought I was probably just seeing things when I stared at it for some time seeing no movements at all.
    Just as I was about to read the paragraph under that picture, I saw black starting to flood the picture, and let’s just say, it scared the ‘whatever’ out of me.
    That is until I realised it was a moving picture, and read that it was a GIF.

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