Inspire-fy This Quote

“Oooooh that quote is so inspiring!” she said, as I slowly lodged my knifesedge deeper into her back.

There was this experiment, where testers took Taylor Swift’s images, added Hitler’s quotes to the image, and posted them on various online communities.

Those photos turned out really popular.

So basically, to make a quote look inspirational, add Taylor Swift’s (or enter other popular bamf’s celebrities image next to it) (ryan higa <3456)

TaylorfakequoteActually, add any person’s image.

Just make it all black and white / old looking and pixellated.

2ecox09How inspirational.




Seriously though, before all your Swifties come and bite me just know I have nothing against her :<
She’s not too bad, if you casually ignore her serial dating.


21 thoughts on “Inspire-fy This Quote

  1. OMG THAT QUOTE <333333 it looks better without your face though…(btw im typing with one hand waiting for my nail polish to dry so i wont be on tfm until i finish filming irl)

      • And I don’t think we’ve met properly. I am…. Wait for it……. Nutella Ninja… Or Hazel. Whatever but yeah. Hi c:
        Hope we can be friends c: and thanks for following my blog!

      • O.o
        I see… Well they are PEOPLE who ummm… Are FRIENDly, nice, understands you, and ummm, are fun? Not sure the real definition I’m not google, yahoo, bing, etc. etc.
        So yeah. I’ve heard some good things about you and congrats for winning the award thing on Brit’s blog!

      • lol thanks c:
        I should win “most sarcastic blogger” but there isn’t that option TT^TT

        somethings to beware of:
        1) my sarcasm is physically harmful
        2) i have an unhealthy obsession with ryan higa
        3) i’ll disappear off the internet for years at a time. some think im feeding off the flesh of little children, but im just hibernating

      • LOL, Ty for telling me those warnings c:
        TEEHEE >:3

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