coconuts and pencils

It literally takes two grown men, a table, a chair, a chainsaw, a drill, and a Russian Army to open a coconut.


I waste so much pencil lead…. expensive prismacolor pencil lead…


I was going to make a longer post, but somebody promised me to help on the half of the post she was supposed to write.

And she didn’t email me at all.

No, I’m not naming names


anyways bye


24 thoughts on “coconuts and pencils

  1. We bought I coconut a while ago and we couldn’t open it so we gave it to this random guy and he threw in on the ground and it cracked open and he walked away eating it…. True story. I HATE it when I get wasted bits and then the stupid pencil is so short…. One time I got so mad and annoyed and I threw the pencil at the wall and it broke in half. Lol anger issues….

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