too many werewolf/vampire stories?

I should probably get off Wattpad and it’s werewolf/vampire love stories.
Hey, don’t judge me, this is my guilty pleasure.

I draw really random pictures in math class. Totally not supernatural related.

blood addict

Either I need to block Wattpad from my computer, or stop because it’s wasting too much time

Do you know what else is a waste of time?



12 thoughts on “too many werewolf/vampire stories?

  1. Omg my teacher stares at me alot lol totally off topic but whateves No but seriously he does he’s my orchestra teacher and he stares at me lol….. I play viola. I originally wanted to play violin but their were too many so yeah…. Viola was the only option omg off topic again lol gotta go before I make up more nonsense

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