how to write a poem

tip one: random indents

when i write a


i just

write random sentences and

press enter


random times


tip two: write about happiness, sadness, or nature

there was a sad


that grew under

a happy


tip three: you can also rhyme

I don’t know what I’m doing

Probably procrastinating

The third line usually doesn’t rhyme

All my words end with “ing”

follow all my guidelines and you’ll be guaranteed to fail!

[next post is going to be about: Lyric Boxes]


11 thoughts on “how to write a poem

  1. There was

    a sad girl

    named Elissa

    that spends all of her time

    doing stupid stuff.

    Like my poem? Lol jk not stupid stuff but let’s go with weird yet funny stuff. You kinda seem always sad to me lol.

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