monsters and selfies

I lied.

I said I would make a video post, but I lied.
I’ll try to make it next week.


But I was busy doin-
-pffft I was kidding.

Anyways, yesterday I went to my art class. It was like 28045320983r degrees, and 60 students were crammed into the space as small as your bedroom along with desks, chairs, and loose binders.

You think the teacher would turn on the AC right?


He used an electrical fan that just blows the hot air right back into your face.

Btw we were supposed to draw clouds but I got distracted:

Monster Cloudrawrz

Anyhow, last night instead of doing homework I decided to make a collage out of my selfies (inspired from Hazel – PLSNO STOP SAVING MY STRANGE SELFIES ;;)



24 thoughts on “monsters and selfies

  1. See, I’m totally and amazing inspiration. You should take lessons from me.

    I would post the collage I made of you 🙂 I have the weirdest pics of you -.-

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