my 5 favorite youtubers

I think you deserve another short post, since I won’t be posting again until next week most likely.
Btw the audio of the video (that I will post sometime next week) will be terrible since the sound recording part of my camera is messed up.

no, I did NOT get this idea from Cstar
[angry comments pour in]

[don’t click here]

anyhow, here’s the order of youtubers that I want to meet irl:

5. Nigahiga (aka Ryan Higa, Wongfuproductions)– I like his vids

4. Pewdiepie (aka Pewd)– did you know he has the most youtube views? Warning to younger audiences: he swears a lot. A lot, meaning the F word every other second.
Oh, and it’s not “Pew-Di-Pie” it’s “PEW – dee – pie”

3. AmazingPhil (aka LessAmazingPhil, Philip)– vlogger, I like his friend’s channel better though

2. Danisnotonfire (aka Dan Howell, danisnotinteresting)– Phil’s friend; he and phil own a station (on BBC i think???) and they have the Superamazingproject



37 thoughts on “my 5 favorite youtubers

  1. Ohmygosh, you watch pewdiepie??? I like his amnesia videos. Also his top ten scared moments in gaming videos. 😀 It’s hilarious!!!

  2. I was gonna post nigahiga too…but he does have *inappropriate* vids. and riiiiggghttt…ofc you didn’t get the idea from me. I got it from you. you just posted about it too late. :/

  3. I like nigahiga too.

    ~There once was a boy named Harry, destined to be a star~~~ His parents were killed by Voldemort, who gave him a lightning scar~

    Yo Harry, you’re a wizard.

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