wordpress trends

hey guys hey hey heyyyy!!! ;D
(shut up myra. wah. wahh. im lazy k)

this post is short k

I typed this post when I was high on sugar so this will literally make no sense and it’s not proof-readed.

proof readed?

proof red.

that’s better.

I was gonna make a post last week, but I got really lazy and in the end lost the video and pictures I was going to use for that post.

[insert more nonsense excuses here]

But all excuses aside, expect a video from me and Myra soon (:
We’re going to be baking cook—-I mean, Myra’s going to be attempting to teach me to bake cookies while I stand there awkwardly doing nothing.

(yayayayayayayayay applause guys comeon)

Anyhow…. *slowly looses train of thought*

Ohh right.

You know how there’s WordPress “trends”?

Like “randomness”, “inspiration”, “imagination”, e.t.c?

Do you know what I think the most popular trend is? Especially among Fantage bloggers?


keep scrolling and guessing.












(all thanks to FV lol)

Seriously guys, stahp it.

oh right, I’m supposed to end this post

ALYSSA YOU’RE FAB (happy now?)

but really, “purly”? (!?!)



22 thoughts on “wordpress trends

  1. I don’t like spectrum that much. I wonder why so many fantage bloggers use that theme because its not very good. I know at least 5 blogs with that theme.

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