Food, Flowers, and Art

(pssst Transformicers, click this!)
(someone actually completed the map like that o.o)


I can’t do *anything* remotely related to making a meal.
Here’s a microwaved meal, and here I am turning it into mush.

(I don’t know what I did with it, it didn’t turn out right)


Instead I decided to settle on pizza.

pizza<3(^ much better ^)

I did kinda leave a stain in the microwave, and I did burn my hand on the bottom of the plate when I took my pizza out of the microwave.

And sort-of-almost-kinda cut off my fingers using the soup can opener.


I walked to my art class (30 min walk!!! why) and saw a few flowers:

1(and just because I like pink flowers, the next one is going to be full sized)

pink flowers(click to view in full size)

Speak of art class, this is what I do with the soft eraser when I’m bored.

1(don’t even know what it is)

Today I had the first day of school, and it was, uh, torture.

I lost my way to my 0 period, and I was almost late .-.

Who else had first day of school today?
Leave your thoughts in the comments ❤

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↓↓↓ ………………….   


30 thoughts on “Food, Flowers, and Art

  1. DUDE I GOT LOST LIKE 2 TIMES YESTERDAY SLKDFJKSLDJFLKSJER we had new buildings, and all the teachers changed rooms…

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