3 types of reaction to school


School is starting… how are all you students feeling? My school starts on the 19th and i want to cry D:

  1. “I want to learn” attitude – This one is definitely *NOT* me. You know how in all those cliche movies, a girl shows up for school in her pajamas and says “I came to learn, not to impress”? Well, I go to school not to impress, I go because… I have to…
  2. “Yay, friends!” – this is again the polar opposite of me. Unless you have a giant group of close friends at school, this won’t apply to you. Unfortunately, my two best friends moved over the summer; one to a different district and another to…. Taiwan… … …. …………. anyways, most of my close friends aren’t at school anyways. I meet them in my art class or some other class.
  3. “asdfjkl; worst schedule ever and back to eating strange cafeteria lunches” – THAT is totally me. I am NOT looking forward to school. And I seriously do have world’s worst schedule… teachers who give piles of homework and PF right after lunch >.< kill me now D’:

Any of you looking forward to school?

Share your thoughts down below!



40 thoughts on “3 types of reaction to school

  1. I’m looking kinda forward to school beacause I want to see my friends and want to know who’s class I’m in and my teachers. But I don’t look forward to work.

  2. I’m really looking forward to school. I’m going to 6th grade, so I’m going into the brand new middle school for the first time. Literally, it BRAND new. They built it over the summer and smashed the old one down. I want to see my friends so badly. Me and my friends are known as the “weird, too friendly, laughs too much, happy all the time, did I mention weird?” group.

  3. That sucks. 😦 I feel bad for you.
    I have less than a week of summer left and I did’t even get everything on my supply list. Stupid parents that drag you away to a 1.5 month vacation.
    My cousin is going to my school and we’re ARCH ENEMIES. D:
    But I’m looking forward to see how sunburned my BFF is. >:D
    I’m one of those inwardly people who only have a BFF and no close group of friends (except on the internet where I have like 3k).
    See ya later! 🙂

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