torture of finding a suitable font

hi. do you like this font?

… you don’t? D:

Well too bad, because I do. This post is gonna  be one of those where I start off with a topic, then slowly stray of into my own world of illogical thinking.

Well, better than doing nothing and complaining about my life…

Are you truly unhappy about your

Yes        no


Anything you can do about it?            Don’t complain

↙  ↘                           

                         Yes         No

 ↙               ↘                            

Don’t complain                         


I manage to find the strangest things online.
How did I even stumble across that? I don’t know.

Just saying, trying to find a different, yet legible font is torture.

It either ends up boring like this, or....

Completely messed up.


but like, seriously…



29 thoughts on “torture of finding a suitable font

  1. Lol! I was checking this post through my email while cleaning my spammed inbox, when I accidentally deleted the email for this post, (I like keeping your blog’s post emails) and THE ONLY ONE out of like 5,993,849,746,838,748 I deleted, only that one said, unable to send to the trash at this time. 😛 YOUR EMAILS CAN’T BE DELETED~~~
    Also make a page (or add it to the about page) where you lost games you play and your usernames for them.

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