Everyone probably felt envy some point in their life.
If you haven’t, don’t worry; it will get to you soon. You’ll have your chance

But envy gets me a lot. I don’t think hate is the worst feeling, envy and disappointment are.

Sometimes, (whether I’m in a group, playing a game, or on Transformice), I mess up whatever I’m doing. Then I look around and see everyone else perfectly fine and the sudden rush of envy overtakes me.
Which I can image happens to most of you.

But instead of being the usual


I’m more like


I’m sure those of you all have those feelings.

Especially since the majority of you reading this plays Transformice…

“Nooo I died!”
“I hope that sham fails .-.””DIE NOOBS DIE”

(^ I get that feeling a lot ^)

(^ actually, this is me right now ^)

(whatttt??? I’m playing Transformice while typing???)



my life.

Sometimes I get so frustrated I constantly want to kill something.

Now I have to end this post because brb killing something k bye.


26 thoughts on “Envy.

  1. I envy people for the stupidest, smallest things. Like the other day, me and my brother were playing the board game Pokemon (don’t ask why) and he was winning. See, to win you have to have a lot of Pokemon. So I got jealous and started cheating to get more Pokemon. And guess who won, me. Envy makes me a bad, bad, person.

  2. Oh and just realized that cfm hasn’t updated yet so my tribe isn’t there…(API NOT WORKING AGAIN OMFG)

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