posting about posting

(how in the world do you begin a post?)

Oh hi people and halflings. (Yes, I’m still stuck in that post-movie-ism phase)

More than once people have asked my what kind of randomness goes on inside my head.





Strange enough, most of my ideas appear when I’m in bed, trying to sleep.

Somehow, my mind travels into the universe of rainbows and geometry, where random scenes play in my head.

sometimes it’s more like this.

©p0kemon© <– format credit

Of course, I’m a *completely* normal human being still, most of the time.
I guess you can say that my brain just function in a strange way, and then suddenly when I’m trying to sleep BOOM a post idea.

Sometimes though, I will make a full post, then right before I publish it the idea leads to another idea, which then makes me delete the entire post and retype it.

So I don’t actually spend ages thinking about what to post, I usually wait until something appears inside my mind by fairy dust.

So when someone posts something awesome, I’m usually like WHY HAVEN’T I THOUGHT OF THAT.

Where do you get your ideas? Leave a comment and let me know!


15 thoughts on “posting about posting

  1. I get my ideas by random. Like one time, we were in a serious discussion at school about drugs and whatever and all of a sudden, I got an idea about a story I could write in school so I blurted out I got an idea! Right at the moment the teacher asked if we have any idea how bad drugs are. Boy, it was sorta embarrassing.

  2. I am the same way :L
    I have a blog kind of like this 😀
    Would you like to work with me….?
    I am mostly a solo worker, but you have potential! 😆

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