i am not a morning person

No, I’m not nocturnal either. Sleepiness changes upon my mood… But I ♥ walking / running / not staying in bed at night. So even though at the beginning of summer vacation I told my parents that I would be at bed by 9 PM, I’m still outside and jogging at 10…

So when I wake up 7 in the morning I literally feel like this:

meow.  <– oh, I haven’t introduced him yet?! How rude of me. Meet Jack, my cousin, Christy’s, cat.

He’s older than I am.

No, no, not Christy… The cat’s older than I am. Which is really old, considering 10 years in cat years = 70 years in human years.

He’s pretty evil.


meow.I’m pretty evil when I’m sleepy too.

Okay, Maybe I’m not that evil. I can’t even do that strange evil looking eyebrow thing that Hazel does anyway.

Hey, this is the first actual picture of myself that I posted here. (Yes I posted a picture of my finger before… that doesn’t count.)

Speaking of my blog, I updated two things:

1: I added a new page

2: The Search widget is now back on my blog

Feed back on the new page please? Thanks♥


23 thoughts on “i am not a morning person

  1. You remind me of those creepy Japanese movies where there’s always this girl in a white nightgown and they have long hair covering their face and when they do show their face, their eyes look extremely creepy. That’s what you look like, those girls. Yeah, you look demented.

  2. omg eli you remind me of L from deathnote i don’t know why you just do it’s just your hair your eyes omg

    it’s not a bad thing, he’s adorbs ;3

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