My name is not Alyssa ):

myron shut up TT_TT

mom: do you want to be a mannequin when you grow up?

me: whaaaaa…????

(no seriously that just happened in the middle of a legit conversation)

If you haven’t noticed, I did some changes to my blog. Okay, I lied, I made one change. The front page only shows 3 posts at a time now (:

Also, next time I do a blog makeover, I just *might* use the Forever theme… I’ve got a weakness for any theme that has a “featured image” feature. Also, would anyone like me to bring back the Search widget? If yes, where? I’m thinking of above “Status”… maybe?

So I went shopping today, and I’ve discovered a few things…

  • shopping could be a category in weight lifting Olympics.
  • I do *not* want to be a mannequin when I grow up.
  • my mom thinks the Arctic should be a continent
  • people still don’t know how to correctly spell my name *sniffle*
  • never, ever, ever bring an 8 year old into V.S. o.O
  • pandas evolved into orcas



Oh by the way everyone, I have a secret goal for my blog. If anyone can guess it,, I’ll advertise your blog when I reach that goal (; name the goal and why that’s my goal ^-^ The goal’s really close now ❤


203 thoughts on “My name is not Alyssa ):

  1. Hmmm, I don’t have a blog buuuuuut, that you want your blog b=to be as good at blissswirl’s blog….? Because her blog is really good, and your blog is…. lol. Just guessing, since it’s a *SECRET*, which means probably no one’s going to guess it anytime soon……

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