heh heh heh

I have a brilliant title.

I was viewing my hits this morning and found the numbers pretty… interesting(??????) I don’t know. My choice of words has always been… meh.


Anyhow, I was so tempted this morning to just click my follow button already and follow myself; I really wanted 100 followers.But I didn’t, because I wasn’t desperate at all.

Okay, maybe a little… It’s not that obvious, right?

Anyhow, I decided to take a look around other blogs to see how far behind in hits and followers I am. Bad decision. Before that, I was all like LOOK I CAN CATCH UP and after awhile, I decided lolnoSomehow a few bloggers that started months after me doubled my hits and followers. The only thing I’ve accomplished in my blogging world is starting the “Randomness” trend.

Anyhow if you haven’t worked it out yet, this post is going to be me rambling about blogs. I was planning to do something productive today, I really was, until I decided there’s nothing productive I can do without getting up from my chair. Then I decided to browse blogs… I have a few favorites. Actually, more like I was stalking blog designs… I didn’t even read the posts!!! I just went to a blog, stared at the design for hours, then moved on. Here’s a few that popped out to me:

A lot of BlogSpot bloggers manage to pull off a simple yet attractive design… Kind of like the Blissful theme on WordPress. I tried that once but it completely goes against my style. This girl is like a master designer when it comes to blogs.


Again, not my style, but some blogs give off a cute look. Like a pixelated header, yet still adorable?

The Crafty theme is the hardest theme to make it look… natural. If you’ve ever tried the theme you’d know how hard it is to make the theme looks as nice as this.

I was half-tempted to steal this theme and use it on my blog; I  l o v e  it.

Yes, yes, I’m not supposed to like Cstar (at all) but she created her header extremely well and I want to steal her theme but she won’t let me. Gj Cswirly^^

Hehehe watermelons c; sorry lol this blog and this blog both use the Spectrum theme and features watermelons.

If I was to list all the blogs out there with awesome designs, this list will never end.

If any of you have a good WordPress theme to suggest, please tell me? :c My theme is so weird D:

When ever I look for themes, I look for:

-custom header




-(preferably custom backgrounds…)

I like the titles of pages to be small, but not overly small.

I know there’s a lot of WordPress pros out there that are good at finding themes. I’m not one of them…


I’ll end this post the classical way:



37 thoughts on “heh heh heh

  1. Chalkboard’s a good theme….but it’s hard to add a header to it and make look nice.And it also doesn’t have a custom background.

  2. This theme looks awesome on your blog.. The balloons are kind of annoying tho.

    If you want backgrounds you can visit background labs or something.

  3. Hmm I have a theme that I am using, you could use it too one conditon if anyone says nice theme just say ” Thanks Jenny helped me a bit” Easy really…. My theme is forever. It has tons of custom designs….. you can check it out here…http://moshmoshmoshi.wordpress.com btw… I followed your blog (finally) and I am not a fan of this balloon theme…….

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