Things I’m allergic to vs reaction vs cure

shrimp – my throat hurts like heck for about half an hour and I can’t swallowdon’t eat it -.-“

pollen – my eyes sometimes turns an ugly shade of redwear an oxygen mask

oxygen – I die about 80 years after my first breathdon’t breathe (I’ve been keeping this up for 13 years now)

water – I die about 79 years after my first drinkdon’t drink (who says you can’t drink beverages with extremely high calories?)

school – instant boredomplay with learning utensils

huge numbers on math tests – panic attackstudy lolno

bad singing – massive headachemurder the singer

socializing – death undiscovered



22 thoughts on “Things I’m allergic to vs reaction vs cure

  1. I think the cure for you socializing is to always have scissors in your pocket, so that when people try to talk to you, you quickly take out your scissors and say ” I’m doing this project for my art class and I need models for it, will you do it?” They will slowly back away and when they are far enough from you, they will run away screaming.

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