Stupid things I can’t do in life

  • Wall jump in transformice. Actually, I can wall jump if the wall is on my left, but not if the wall is on my right… even on chocoalte. I can’t walljump in Super Mario or any games either.
  • Twirl a pencil in between my fingers. When I try to do that in class, it decides to launch itself halfway across the room and hit somethingone along the way.
  • Roll my tongue. It seriously sucks in Spanish class when you pronounce the double r (rr) sound and you can’t get it right >:/
  • Type correctly. Yes yes I’m typing right now, but I don’t use the right fingers for the keys…
  • Boil water. I burnted myself last time I tried. (“burnted” isn’t a real word but whatevs)
  • Sing.
  • socialize

29 thoughts on “Stupid things I can’t do in life

  1. 1- I use to wj and I was like PRO, but I haven’t been on the computer much recently and I’m behind on my levels + I forgot how to wj
    5- I can’t boil water either, I [think i ]burnt my fingers and my thigh

    • 1- I used to beat vidgame crazy GUYS at super mario, that was when I wj like a pro D: I feel your pain
      5- thigh? lol. I used the water boiling pot thing. Lets say the first time I used it, I forgot to turn it on and left it there like that for over half an hour .-.

      • Oh, when you touch the metal of the kettle of the boiling water, IT IS HOT as, I was in real pain when the water got my thigh (It’s your upper-leg) because it was actual boiling water.

        And yeah, there was this game on PS3 where you need to WJ and I was like ‘Easy!’ but my parents were like ‘Ugh, he keeps droppin’!!!’ or ‘Get your damn butt up’ . Now, that’s changed so I can’t wj and I’m like ‘Omg, he keeps falling, get him up, now, omg he’s up! Noooo he fell, soooo close!! Let me try again, omg he’s up..i think, yea!! Nooooo, god dammit

  2. When I whirled a pencil once, it hit my forehead FIRST, then it landed in front of the teacher. Luckily, it didn’t hit her, but it cost me a red forehead for the whole day AND sit in the time out corner for 5 minutes. OH by the way, this was when I was in third grade. YEAH they use the humiliation of sitting in the time out corner in THIRD GRADE.

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