My pet keeping history

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I don’t have any pets right now, but I used to keep a giant fishtank back in Canada. It had a lot of seaweed, fish, shrimp, and a giant crab.

Well, we *used* to have the crab until a pair of the fish got really viscous and devoured the crab completely. Then the fish had babies and multiplied quickly and dominated our fishtank.  (that was an epic failure.)

Go back even further in time, and you can find more failures. In China, I kept turtles and goldfish. I killed my first turtle over its hibernation (oops) and my second turtle ate a few of my goldfish.

Did I mention I killed a few of my goldfish? Apparently they jumped out of the tank and flopped half away across the room, when I found it, it was half dead so I put it back into the tank and fed it human medicine. I think it was vitamin D or something.

My third turtle disappeared completely from its tank.
Imagine my surprise when I found it… like this:


I don’t know what happened either.

I’ve basically given up pets by now.


14 thoughts on “My pet keeping history

  1. I used to have a tank of fish. There were a lot of types, maybe 6, 7? I was, like, 6 or something then. So one day, we were looking at the fish, and then suddenly, this big fish ate a smaller fish in one bite. Apparently, that gave all the other fish the idea to start eating one another too. At the end, the watier was all reddish pink, several fish heads were floating on the water, and only wear3 fish were left. My mom decided pets were a bad idea from then on.

  2. I had 3 pet fish. I don’t know what type they were though.. So one day I was feeling to lazy to feed them and the next day I saw one really chubby fish.. I think that the 2nd fish and the 1st and the fish ate the 2nd.. And then the 3rd fish eventually died (From chubbiness, maybe?).. I never had any pet fish again.. But I do have a pet bunny (Because apparently Cats are super-dangerous and turtles can bite hard).

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