Getting used to that annoying little shard of glass in your eye

My title is unreasonably long.



I remember when I first started wearing night contacts… That night I nearly removed my eye a few times on accident. Then I squished the lens into some weird corner of my eye and started running around screaming like the mad blind neanderthal on helium I am.

It took my mom and my dad to pry my eyes open and remove the piece of glass.


I also remembered the time where I washed my contacts down the sink… Talk about having quick reflexes. This other time I also crush my contacts because I was holding them a bit too tight…

(as you can clearly tell I’m extremely careful with my contact lenses)


But now… I can’t sleep without that expensive piece of glass in my eye… BECAUSE I’M USED TO IT D:


40 thoughts on “Getting used to that annoying little shard of glass in your eye

  1. I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT! I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! I CRASHED MY CAR INTO A BRIDGE I WATCHED I LET IT BUUURN I CRASHED MY CAR IN TO A BRIDGE,I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT~ Gosh Eli, you got that song stuck in my head!! Grrrrrr! I have a few questions for you too

    -Why are your contact lenses made out of GLASS??? Usually, there made of some kind of swuishy material I don’t know what it is, I think it’s like, plastic of someything???
    -So, your parents just took out the SHARD OF GLASS OUT OF YOUR EYE AND DIDN’T TAKE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL??? Please explain more about this event.

    Ok, those are my questions. Please answer them. Please, I am so confused about them.

    ~Mira (fefe3485 on fantage) (PurpleDove on howrse)

    • – they’re *night* contacts, so they’re different. It think they’re called CRT or something (lol ‘squishy material’), so it’s like really sharp glass that feels like it cuts into your eye.

      – I might have slightly overacted… d: It was just stuck in a corner and I couldn’t get it out xd

  2. wow all that happened to me too! yeah they’re the hard CRT lenses at night i wear those too! once it got stuck in the top corner i was FREAKIN OUT! it was before i went to bed so i was like OMG the optometrist place is closed!! AAAHHHH! (my mom calmed me down then i used eyedrops to get it out) it was NOT a good experience… but luckily its normal now usually =)

  3. Lol…it’s plastic. And I squished it into a weird part of my eye when I was trying to take it out…it took me about an hour to get it out afterwards. You just stick your finger in your eye and kinda…peel it out 😉

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