Pixelated Drama

So last night, over the internet, my friend ☁ got a new message.

It was from like her “enemy”.


So the conversation started out fine, but it later became an intense argument between ☁ and the other person. At this point, I decided to private message the other person; when ☁ found out I did that she got upset. Really upset.

(note: this was about six-o-clock)


☁ told me she’s going to take a walk, then she logged off.


Everything was normal… for awhile.


A few hours later; I was already in bed and ready to sleep when I decided to check my iPhone one more time. Hmm, what’s this? A new message from ☁’s sister? … Let’s read this…. …wait, did this say that ☁ was missing?… for a few hours…?


OH MY FREAK (sorry hazi, i luff ur lines)


Basically, ☁ went missing for a few hours. Her friend and her sister ran the neighborhood a few times but STILL can’t find her. (she was eventually found at 12 [midnight!!!] but I won’t go into details.)





It seriously freaked me out when a live CSM story unfolded right infront of me (or in my screen, in this case.)


9 thoughts on “Pixelated Drama

  1. Whats CSM? Jeez, I’m really stupid…. Anyways, is she ok? I know you said you won’t go into any details but… I just want to know.

    ~Mira (That’s my real name lol)

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