School Presentation = FAIL

There was this 75 point project that was given out a month ago. Me being me, my group partner and I decided to wait until the last three days and pull together a few consecutive all-nighters and make a mad dash to complete it.


When we couldn’t figure out how to use screencast-o-mastic (because it turned out to be not as easy as *COUGH* someone *COUGH* described) we started to panic. Then when I recorded my voice for the project and for some strange reason after I uploaded it, it sounded like I was mourning or something, followed by the fact that we couldn’t figure out how in the world to combine the audio with the powerpoint.


We started freaking out because basically the only thing we accomplished before the last weekend it’s due, was drawing the pictures. (I drew pictures on Gimp, they turned out decent but NO I’M NOT POSTING IT D:)


With me being me and Vivian (my partner) being somewhat nocturnal, we decided to leave everything to her for the night (this was approximately 12 hours before it was due) and she agreed to pair my voice a background music, and get the ppt and audio together before uploading it to youtube.


Let’s fast forward to twelve hours later.


3rd period presentation time (dramatic music in background): She hadn’t figured out how to combine the ppt with my voice (VIVI! D:<) but she did add some background music to the audio (I was like hmmm what was her choice?), so what we had to do was present the ppt while the youtube video with the sound plays in the background.


After 10 mins of technical difficulties, we finally got it going.


When I heard what she did with the music, I almost cried. The music Vivian picked was some weird classical music (Mozart, anyone?) set to a strange sad minor tone, and added to my sorrowful-sounding voice our presentation had the mood of a funeral.



But the best part was WE GOT FULL SCORE (even though it was 4 min 27 secs, and my friend whose presentation lasted more than 14 min got 5 points off) and the teacher was all like…

“What a very…interesting way to present…”


(as usual I don’t know how to conclude a post so I won’t)


15 thoughts on “School Presentation = FAIL

  1. we had this 100 point speech we had been leading up to it. The day before I presented I was so prepared I knew most of my lines by heart. By the time I got up there, I was ready focused UNTIL… I started to look around at my audience, I saw my friend. She had the most serious face you would never guess she chould make and then…..I cracked up laughing for what felt like 14750187409581734 hours (it wasn’t that long but it felt like it) Skip to the next day: We get our grades back and I get docked a load of points for cracking up. T.T It was painful laughing

  2. We had a final assessment where we made a video about something, and right near the end my partner wanted to cut out a part with her dancing (yes, it was weird). So we did, and on the day we played it, it was still there. I’m not entirely sure what grade we got.

  3. You suck. Only awesome people like me can figure out how to add audio to Powerpoint and use screencast o matic. It WAS easy. It’s just that you’re not awesome enough 😛

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