Guess where I wrote this?


Hm… is that too tiny?
















Hazi, SEND ME THE PICTURE OF THE HORSE YOU RODE. Annnnd… I’ll be stealing your *wonderful* pictures for my layouts, considering that my stupid computer won’t upload the Grand Canyon / Death Valley ones.


22 thoughts on “Yolo

      • I looked down below, it’s fingernail. Also, what’s your name on howrse, because I want to add you as a friend. My name is PurpleDove on howrse. I’m not trying to be a stalker, I’ve played howrse for a good period of time now and I’ve been visiting this site for a while too, I’m even followed to you! I talk alot by the way, as you’ve may have noticed… Lol

  1. Your handwriting sucks. No offense. Jk(on the no offense part. your handwriting still sucks. no offense.)

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