and I almost died.

OMG, sorry for not being on in a huge while.. I had a major fever, during which I had to go to league finals (but I made it into county finals… on Tylenol.)

Oh, and some people asked me what sites I use for my pictures. I’m going to suggest a few that need download, followed by a few that don’t.

(order of preference)

Gimp – free, and one of the most popular ones. It has lots of tools and is really complicated, so it’ll take a very long time to learn it. This is what I use, and download required.

Photoshop – Not free. It has Gimp plus about 2345839450294 other photo-manipulation tools. Download required.


Photostudio – Basically like Gimp, except a bit more simple. Download required. I used this before Gimp.


Artstudio – Basically photostudio, except for i-devices…


Paint – for kindergarteners that need the bucketfill tool to color inside the pixelated lines.


(order of preference)


SumoPaint – Kind of like Gimp, except NO download required, and a few less tools / options (dodge and burn, e.t.c.). You CAN upload images into that and edit it.


DeviantArt – Similar to SumoPaint, you CAN’T upload images. What I used before Photostudio. (go to dA Muro)


RMD – I don’t like it. A terrible version of dA. Cannot upload images.


Most common used tools:


Airbrush / soft brush – honestly if you’re still using the hard-edged brushes at this point, get a life (no, just kidding :b)

Eraser – maybe it’s just me because I tend to make a lot of mistakes.

Smudge tool – don’t over-do it!

Dodge/burn – has to do with lighting / shading. Brings out contrast… don’t over do it.



Maybe I’ll use all the programs and try to draw something similar and share the results… what do you think?




I feel like such a sad human potato… today, in the middle of a 50-min eighty point test, the super smart guy turned in his test like ten minutes into the period. We’re all just staring at him like………… I’m not even done with my third problem.


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